19 000 pre-orders on Bollinger B1

The interest is huge for the Bollinger B1. The American SUV is supposed to have a maximum range just under 200 miles or 320 kilometers with the 120-kwh battery pack. With a ground clearance of 20 inches or 51 cm, the Bollinger will make its best appearance off-road.

The B1 comes with two battery pack options. A 60-kwh battery pack that gives you a range of 120 miles or 193 kilometers, or a 12-kwh battery pack that gives you a range of 200 miles or 320 kilometers. It has to electric engines that provides 360 horsepower’s to all four wheels. It is equipped with the same hydro pneumatic system for level control as the French made Citroën introduced in the 50’s.

The Bollinger company claims that they have produced the world’s first fully electric 4-weel drive. “sport Utility truck”.  In 2014 a group of SUV-lovers came together in the northern part of the state of New York with a common goal, to create the Bollinger B1.

The car or the car to be, seems to be a success so far. More than 19 000 reservations have been made on the car. The price is not yet to be known, but is probably going to be released this fall. The mass production is going to start next year with the first deliveries from 2020.

We are really looking forward to seeing this car on the road.

Sources: Ny Teknik

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