8 times around the world in a Nissan Leaf

Picture: Elektritakso

Electric car batteries are built to last

Ever since the electric cars started to arrive, there has been skepticism in about how long the batteries in these cars will last.

We are now beginning to get experience with an increasing number of vehicles that have been driven a lot of miles, and we now have a better foundation to draw conclusions.

The Estonian taxi company Elektritakso’s electric cars has traveled 13 million electric and emission-free kilometers (8 080 000 miles) so far. They drive the Nissan Leaf, and the oldest car in the fleet has been driving a sensationally 309 000 kilometers (192 000 miles) and is still in daily operation.

Many of the taxi company’s cars have driven 260 000 kilometers (160 000 miles), and still have 70-80 percent battery capacity left.

– This is not a surprise. There was some uncertainty about electrical technology in the beginning, but eventually we found out that the electric car and technology is to be trusted. Because of the taxi business, we must charge our Leaf quite often. We have found that it is best to charge the electric cars between 20-80 percent, to protect the battery, and maintain the quality for optimum reliability and longevity, says Ermo Kontson, the owner of the taxi company.

– Currently, we are replacing old models with the new 40 Kwh Leaf model, so our drivers can drive on a single charge longer, and earn more money, said Kontson, in a press release.

Source: TV2.no

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