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Ultrafast Charging is on it’s way!

NEXTGEN CHARGING is a brand-new charging station soon to be opened in Fredericia Denmark

The Charging station is ready for ultra-fast charging up to 350 KW. It will be equipped with 4 charging stations, but will have the capacity of 8. A full charge will be performed in 15-20 minutes.

The charging station is delivered by Clever and Cobe

– The station in Fredericia is part of the first wave of the partners plan which covers approximately
  180 sites in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, England, Italy, France and Norway.
– CLEVER and E.ON received support from the EU Commission (CEF programme) of 10 million EUR
   from 2017-2020.
– The sites will offer of 150 kW charging, with upgrade to 350 kW.
– The first sites are under construction in both Germany and Denmark.
– The ultra-fast charging stations will initially enable charging of a full 400 km range battery in only
  20-30 minutes, and charging time will be further reduced as charging capacity is increased and
  vehicle technology develops. Charging time depends on the specific car.

For more information, please visit their home page

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You know the saying «If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Well, in Stavanger, Norway they are truly pushing the limit of what we would expect from new technology. In September 2018, the city of Stavanger is starting an experiment where electric vehicles can be charged by connecting them to lampposts.

To start with, this project will only include five lampposts. The people behind this project are excited to see whether this project, where people pay to charge using the public lampposts will succeed, or if people will prefer to continue to charge their vehicles at home. If this project fails, some politicians in Stavanger are worried about the future of the city after 2025. From 2025, Norwegian politician want all new cars to be electric vehicles. Today, the electrical infrastructure is not equipped to handle that number of cars charging at home.

Time will tell whether this project is too good to be true, or simply a dream come true for Norwegian politicians.

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Tesla has decided not to take the company of the stock exchange. In a press release published by Elon Musk, they say that most of the shareholders believe that it is best to keep Tesla as a publicly available company that stays on the stock exchange. Musk has concluded after discussing with a lot of the shareholders that to take Tesla of the stock exchange would distract the company, and require more time than first expected.

Musk still believes that it would be possible to take the company of the stock exchange, and that the company has enough funds to do so safely.

Elon Musk ends the press release by writing the following:

– Thank you to all of our investors, customers and employees for the support you’ve given our company. I’m incredibly excited to continue leading Tesla as a public company. It is a privilege. –

You can read the whole press release here

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Picture: Jaguar

It is confirmed! Jaguar has started the production of an all-electric version of E-type. The new version will be equipped with I-PACE technology. It is based on the original E-type and is quite similar apart from it being all-electric.

Jaguar will offer EV conversions to existing E-type owners. The conversion is reversible, if you wish to convert it to straight-six or V12 glory.

 The batteries are placed in the back, just in front of the electric engine. That way, it has not been necessary to change the original structure of the car. Weight distribution is unchanged. The interior will be almost like he 1968-original. The charging plug goes in the same place as the former petrol pump. One of the biggest changes was made to the headlights. The new E-type now has LED-lights.

The price of this new electric wonder is not yet revealed. Nevertheless, order books are open. The first cars are expected to hit the streets in 2020.

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Kalasjnikov CV-1 

The Russian weapon producer who is most known for producing the AK47 machine gun is now planning to produce an electric supercar which will compete with Tesla. CV-1 is the name of the car, and it was introduced on a defense exhibition outside Moscow last Thursday

The car can go from 0-100 km/h in 6 second, and is supposed to have a range of 350 km (2017 Miles)

The Car is still under development and the price and release date is still unknown.

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