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Letter to the editor by: Espen Frithjofsen

Car dealerships are terminating their agreements with the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association

The Norwegian car magazine, Bil Norge and, has written an article about several car dealerships who is terminating their agreements with the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association. Most car dealerships who sell electric cars has been a part of  this agreement.

The agreement that has lasted for many years, gives the customers a welcome pack from the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association, when purchasing a new electric car. The package includes, a charging chip and a key that gives access to charging stations, as well as the possibility of a one-year free membership of the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association, paid by the current dealership.

The costs are to big

Several of the dealerships have been in contact with says that costs is an important reason for terminating the agreement, and that they now want to spend their money on their own packages. According to the dealerships, cooperation with the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association has been good, but they have now received the support they needed, and they now wish to make their own welcome packs to establish a closer relationship with the customers.

The Electric Vehicle Association reported sales of 26.8 million NOK (2.9 million Euro) in 2017.

The association had 15 employees last year (17 today), and a profit of 6.9 million NOK (756.000 Euro)

The Secretary General of the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association, Christina Bu, will not comment on the various agreements they have with the car dealerships but says:

We have always had a good relationship with the automotive industry. We are in dialogue with most of the Norwegian car dealerships about how future cooperation can be.

The Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association is an Norwegian member organization. It has since 1992 been aiming to promote electric mobility with energy efficient vehicles powered by electricity from renewable energy sources. In 2017, the Electric Vehicle Association reached 50.000 members.

Has the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association outplayed its role?

I say no! Like the thousands of electric car drivers who have paved the way for electric cars, and made a great impact on how these cars have become today, the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association has been there as a support for all these drivers. Something that began as a little Norwegian niche, has since worked its way up to what it is today, and is now in the process of revolutionizing the way we transport ourselves and our goods.

We sometimes see comments like: “Where did they get all their money from?” ” Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association has not made a positive contribution to me,” Become a member of the Norwegian Automobile Association instead,”etc.

The Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association is in my opinion, one of the few organizations that really works for its members. You cannot criticize them for being profitable. This only means that they have good financial management and a good foundation.

I have helped people in relation to electric car related questions for several years now. I am by no means an expert, but mostly I have found all the information I have requested on, which is the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association’s official website, and I have been able to refer people with questions that I have not been able to answer.

Should I criticize them for anything, it may have to be that I think they are too low-tempered. They should speak up even more on matters that concern the electric car. I think they are a bit too careful if you get my drift.

The Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association is of course an association that will play a major role for motorists for a long time to come. The electric car starts to “grow up”, but it still needs support when it meets resistance. It’s important to have an association that concentrate on just the electric car for a long time to come.

So in my opinion, The Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association has not outplayed its role, not by far.

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Is there a connection between climate change skepticism and fear of immigration?

I read a funny article the other day in a Norwegian multicultural magazine called Utrop about a new Norwegian  study called  Cool dudes in Norway: climate change denial among conservative Norwegian men. Researchers have found close ties between immigration-critical men and climate deniers.

The study concludes that 63 percent of conservative men in Norway don’t believe in human made climate changes. Unlike 36 percent among the rest of the population.

It’s a bit tricky to understand what they really mean, but if I might conclude, this means that most of the climate change deniers are also skeptic to immigrants.

Personally, I find this hard to believe because climate and immigration are two very different things. There are many ways to define a climate denier and an immigration sceptic. How the research defines this it does not say.

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I have always wondered what’s the matter with people who denies that the climate is in change, and who claims that what is happening to the weather is not human made

In Norway a group of people who is calling them self Klimarealistene (Climate Realists in English) is such a group of people. They have their own web page, a Facebook page with just under 3500 members and a Facebook group of about 2800 members.

Klimarealistene claims to be a fact-based discussion group that represent most of the Norwegian population, more accurate, 53 percent. Where they get these numbers from it does not say.

I have a couple of times tried to ask some critical questions in this group, but I quickly learned that what they claimed to be a discussion group, did not tolerate other arguments than those against what they call climate hysteria. I was even called an internet troll because of my climate opinions. One person even started to harass me by sending me private messages on Facebook.

When some people claim that one normal winter with lots of snow like last winter, is proof enough to say that there is no climate change, they are very much in denial of what is happening. One other question is whether the climate change is human made or not. Well…Lots of research has proved that human pollution is one of the main reasons for the climate changes. The climate realists of course denial this.

I am not a climate hysterical. I do question a lot of what the scientists say, but I am not willing to take the chance of them being wrong. Do you?

You can read more about Klimarealistene here

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