Climate skepticism and xenophobia


Is there a connection between climate change skepticism and fear of immigration?

I read a funny article the other day in a Norwegian multicultural magazine called Utrop about a new Norwegian  study called  Cool dudes in Norway: climate change denial among conservative Norwegian men. Researchers have found close ties between immigration-critical men and climate deniers.

The study concludes that 63 percent of conservative men in Norway don’t believe in human made climate changes. Unlike 36 percent among the rest of the population.

It’s a bit tricky to understand what they really mean, but if I might conclude, this means that most of the climate change deniers are also skeptic to immigrants.

Personally, I find this hard to believe because climate and immigration are two very different things. There are many ways to define a climate denier and an immigration sceptic. How the research defines this it does not say.

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