How to measure range of Electric cars?

Don’t trust what the commercials say when it comes to range on electric cars.

It’s very important that you know which measurement standard the manufacture has used when you check the range.

The old NEDC standard is a very optimistically and misleading estimate on the range, and does not fit any of the electric cars very well.

NEDC means New European Driving Cycle and was last updated in 1997, long before the electric car was heavy on the marked like today. The meaning of the NEDC standard is to estimate fuel economics and emissions of cars. This basically means fuel consumption.

The NEDC standard was originally made for measuring fossil fuels, but is also used to measure power consumption and range of electric cars

A new standard is here

Say hello to Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure, shortened to WLTP. This is the new world standard and will give you a much more accurate entry of range on electric cars. In September 2018, one year after its release all manufactures of electric cars is forced to use this standard.

This standard also replaces the American EPA standard which is a little bit more accurate than the NEDC but far from as good as the WLTP.

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