“I am not convinced.”

Picture: Patrick Pouyanné


Electric cars are not the future…?

Many people predict that electric cars will ruin the foundation for oil companies like Total. The chairman and CEO of Total, Patrick Pouyanné, disagrees. He feels that there is one factor that has been forgotten by electric car supporters: Electricity is not easily accessible in all parts of the world.

While Pouyanné agrees that electric cars probably will make up the majority of cars in western cities, he is not convinced that the same will be the case in the countryside or countries in Africa. He supports his opinion with the fact that two out of three inhabitants of Africa do not have access to electricity at all.

Although Pouyanné does not share the enthusiasm for a total electric car revolution tomorrow, he is not opposed to electric cars. In fact, Pouyanné drives an electric car himself on weekends. Nevertheless, he reminds us that electric cars are expensive in most parts of the world, and not all countries can afford to subsidise its inhabitants’ electric car purchases the same way as in more wealthy countries like Norway. Even if passenger cars do mainly become electric vehicles, Pouyanné says that these cars make up a relatively small percentage of the total global usage of oil. Oil companies will be needed in many years to come.

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