Ladetour 2018

Picture: Fortum

Ladetour 2018 was held in Norway at the weekend of 24th – 26th of August.

Ladetour in Norwegian means charging tour, and is described as “this year’s most beautiful electric car adventure”  The charging developer and operator Fortum Charge & Drive was the organizer of the event.

There were 70 participants divided into 40 cars.

The convoy of electric cars started from Tøyen in Oslo on Friday, and went through Østerdalen to Røros. Then the tour went through Rondane and Hafjell, on Saturday before they went back to Oslo on Sunday. At the end of the tour they had traveled over 900 kilometers or 560 miles.

The Tour is arranged for electric car drivers, but the agenda is to get non-electric car drivers to open their eyes and to take an interest in electric driving.

Before the 40 electric cars left the Ladetour-kickoff in Oslo, several speeches were held. One of the speakers was The General Secretary of the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association Christina Bu.

– It is often talked about how important the Norwegian electric car policy has been for the success of electric cars in Norway. This is of course an important part of the success, but it has been little communication about the importance of the electric car drivers themselves. They show that it is also possible to drive all over the place with a car with zero submission, she said

At the same time, she delivered a request to both the organizer Fortum, and other developers of the charging network I Norway:

– The politicians have decided a zero-emission goal for new cars by 2025. This means that we are increasing the number of electric cars from 170.000 to more than one million in under seven years. The biggest barrier to succeeding is the lack of charging stations.

Sources:   Fortum

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