Production start of the new electric Jaguar E-type

Picture: Jaguar

It is confirmed! Jaguar has started the production of an all-electric version of E-type. The new version will be equipped with I-PACE technology. It is based on the original E-type and is quite similar apart from it being all-electric.

Jaguar will offer EV conversions to existing E-type owners. The conversion is reversible, if you wish to convert it to straight-six or V12 glory.

 The batteries are placed in the back, just in front of the electric engine. That way, it has not been necessary to change the original structure of the car. Weight distribution is unchanged. The interior will be almost like he 1968-original. The charging plug goes in the same place as the former petrol pump. One of the biggest changes was made to the headlights. The new E-type now has LED-lights.

The price of this new electric wonder is not yet revealed. Nevertheless, order books are open. The first cars are expected to hit the streets in 2020.

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