Say hello to the world’s first Tesla powered Audi

In the United States, some mechanics have started to use Tesla batteries and engine systems in ways Musk had hardly anticipated.

The mechanics provide fossil-driven cars with proven, efficient engines – such as the Audi S5 – with the quiet and power-consuming parts of the Tesla S P85. This means a complete conversion of a petrol-driven car to an electric car.

This type of cars was featured during the Supercharged Sunday event in New York in early August.

One of the remodeled cars that attracted the most attention was just an Audi S5, rebuilt by Samuel Polyak. The rebuild has taken him six months, including the assembly of 3 of Tesla’s lithium-ion batteries in front, and the remaining 13 batteries in the back of the car.

Samuel Polyak is a mechanic in his own company. Rebuilding electric versions of fossil-powered cars – such as the Mazda MX3 from the 1990s has been a great part of his life.

“It’s about time that we all switch to electric”, as it appears on Polykup’s website.

“At Polykup we transform yesterday’s cars with internal combustion engines to tomorrows’ electric-driven. All combustion engine components are removed, and replaced with electrical components according to customer requirements.“

In the video you can see Samuel Polyak show us all the technical details and challenges of rebuilding an Audi S5 to a camouflage Tesla.


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