The effect of solar energy is threatened by air pollution

At the same time as solar cells are getting cheaper on the world marked, solar power is about to become the most important source of renewable energy. Availability and the low costs gives solar power great potential, but at the same time it’s vulnerable

Many of the places on earth that has the most sun hours and therefore become the best places for solar power, has big problems with pollution and smog. This makes the solar panels much less effective. This is proved by a new study, which was published in the scientific magazine Energy and Environmental Science.

The study which was carried out by a team of scientists from MIT in corporation with the University of Singapore, looked at 17 places where smog is a problem. One of these places is New Delhi in India. In The city which is one of the most polluted cities in the world, up to ten percent of the sun energy disappear due to smog and pollution.

When this much energy is wasted, the sun energy projects get less profitable. This makes it less likely that corporations’ will invest in this kind of technology, rather than coal powered plants to cover the demand for energy. This will increase the pollution and smog, and everything ends up in a bad circle which is difficult to break out from.

Read the study here

Source: Aktuell Hållbarhet

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