The EU is in favor of stricter climate targets for cars

The EU environmental ministers have agreed on stricter climate targets for cars. This means 35 percent cut in CO2 from new passenger cars and 30 percent from vans.

After 13 hours of negotiations, the environmental ministers agreed to go for a 35 percent cut in CO2 emissions from new passenger cars by 2030 and a cut of 30 percent in emissions from new vans.

 Austria, which has the presidency of the EU Council of Ministers this half-year informs about this.

Last week, the European Parliament originally decided for a cut of 40 percent. The EU Commission’s original proposal was a goal of 30 percent cut in CO2 emissions

It was extremely difficult negotiations, said EU climate commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete.

Arias calls the unity a very important step forward in the EU’s efforts to fulfill the goals of the Paris agreement.

The decision was made by a qualified majority. Several member countries who wanted a more ambitious goal were voted down.

The case is now proceeding to final negotiations, where the Council of Ministers, the European Parliament and the EU Commission must discuss a final compromise.


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