The next generation of fast chargers

The development of 400 kilowatts extreme chargers that can be connected straight to the high voltage grid is in progress.

In near future new electric cars will be able to charge with an effect up to 150 kilowatts. This is three times more than what is possible today. But chargers that can deliver up to 350 kilowatts is already on its way. Porsche Taycan will probably be the first car that can take maximum advantage of this. More cars will follow in near future.

NEXTGEN CHARGING is one of these charging stations soon to be opened in Fredericia Denmark

But it does not end here. A project is on its way to develop chargers that can deliver 400 kilowatts. These chargers can be connected straight to the high voltage grid. If you connect to these chargers, a full charge should not take any longer than filling up a diesel car.

The technology is called XFC – eXtreme Fast Charging – and is developed in cooperation with General Motors among others. The Goal is to be able to charge the batteries to a range equivalent to 290 kilometers or 180 miles in 10 minutes.

This will require development of a new type of power transformer. A solid-state transformer (SST) This transformer will save space because The SST transformer can transform high-voltage AC power to low-voltage DC power without advanced electronics.

This technology will be the basis for XFC-chargers. The Goal will be to develop a charger which has an efficiency of 96,5 percent from the grid to the vehicle. It will have a weight that is one quarter of a normal charger and is half as big.

The XFC-charger will also be able to receive high-voltage DC power, so that it can be connected directly to a battery and reduce the load on the high-voltage grid.

The advantage will be that you don’t need big transformer stations to make fast chargers. Today high-voltage power must be transformed to low-voltage, before it transfers to rectifiers in the charger.

The prototype is supposed to be ready in 2020.


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