This caravan is made for electric cars

Foto: Dethleffs

Caravan news for electric car enthusiasts

Are you an electric car enthusiast, but find it hard to combine it with your love of camping? Fear not! The solution might be right around the corner.

The caravan producer Dethleffs has presented a caravan made especially for use with an electric car. The new wonder is called E.Home Coco. Instead of towing a caravan weighing over 900 kilos, the caravan has a lithium battery in the floor and an engine connected to each wheel so that the car now is towing a mere 100 kilos. This opens up the possibility of pulling the caravan with an electric car.

One of the more genius aspects of this caravan, is that it can help you at the camp site. The E.Home Coco can use its own power to maneuver into place. If you want, you can even use a smartphone app to park it into the camping space.

The combination of a battery and solar panels on the roof can also be quite useful while camping. This should give you enough power for running electrical equipment like LED lighting and air conditioning and heating. Of course, it is also possible to charge the battery by connecting it to a power supply.

Production has not yet started, but the company plan on testing it in spring 2019. Hopefully, the caravan will prove to be as amazing and practical as we hope, and Dethleffs can start production of the E.Home Coco soon.

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