What happens to old electric car batteries?

In Norway where the number of electric cars has increased dramatically in recent years, there has been a lot of discussion about what to do with the car and the batteries when the day comes where the car is about to be scrapped. Will there be piles of used toxic batteries lying around, or will there be solutions to the battery problem?

Used Electric car batteries is a resource.

The major change in the car market also has consequences for those who handle cars sent for scraping. The car wreck of the future will have large battery packs, but almost everything will be recycled.

What happens to the batteries?

When the electric car is scraped, the batteries are disassembled. The battery part is removed, and then steel, plastic, copper and other materials are delivered for local recycling. Then the battery modules are delivered for recycling, for example in Germany, who has the facilities for this.

In addition to the reuse of the materials, the possibility of the actual battery module can be revamped in another plant – the so-called second life.

The battery module that has been in the car, may stand for a few years at a solar system or other type of industrial plant after it has been removed from the car.

The recovery rate is higher than 97 percent.

Source: TV2.no

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