What is wrong with the “Climate Realists”

I have always wondered what’s the matter with people who denies that the climate is in change, and who claims that what is happening to the weather is not human made

In Norway a group of people who is calling them self Klimarealistene (Climate Realists in English) is such a group of people. They have their own web page, a Facebook page with just under 3500 members and a Facebook group of about 2800 members.

Klimarealistene claims to be a fact-based discussion group that represent most of the Norwegian population, more accurate, 53 percent. Where they get these numbers from it does not say.

I have a couple of times tried to ask some critical questions in this group, but I quickly learned that what they claimed to be a discussion group, did not tolerate other arguments than those against what they call climate hysteria. I was even called an internet troll because of my climate opinions. One person even started to harass me by sending me private messages on Facebook.

When some people claim that one normal winter with lots of snow like last winter, is proof enough to say that there is no climate change, they are very much in denial of what is happening. One other question is whether the climate change is human made or not. Well…Lots of research has proved that human pollution is one of the main reasons for the climate changes. The climate realists of course denial this.

I am not a climate hysterical. I do question a lot of what the scientists say, but I am not willing to take the chance of them being wrong. Do you?

You can read more about Klimarealistene here

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